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Fellowship Church Opens Miami Campus!

July 18, 2006

Miami_1Through a series of events that only God could have orchestrated, Fellowship Church has launched a Miami Campus! After much prayer and many meetings and negotiations, we have merged with First Baptist Church South Miami.

Ever since Ed's time at Florida State University, he's had a passion for reaching the largely unchurched population of this region. A gateway to diverse countries and cultures, Miami provides a unique and exciting opportunity for ministry to people who are far away from God.

Those of you who attended our Miami C3 Regional Conference or the community-wide worship service there had the opportunity to get a sneak preview of the this 9-acre campus.

A long-distance satellite is an entirely new venture for us and will bring a learning curve all its own, particularly in the areas of communication and support. A team of staff members is currently on site, serving as a task force to build a Fellowship foundation for the campus. They are eager to get to know the people in the community and lay the groundwork for grassroots growth. We can't wait to see how God will reveal his redemptive story in Fellowship Church Miami!


congrats as someone who is from Miami (go Hurricanes) it's great to see you moving in... I have recently moved up to Orlando and have been looking for a church and your podcasts have helped me a great deal.. Keep up the good work and I will keep you and Fellowship church in my prayers...


What an awesome announcement from Ed this last weekend. God is truly working in a superb way to spread the word. God bless you Ed and all of the FC team for this incredible thing you all have achieved. I can truly uderstand why you are so excited.

Next stop England?

The First Baptist Church of South Miami and its school has touched many people over the past 50 years, but the church was dying. Some other Baptist church leaders have even said privately that it was already dead. This may just be the innervation that is needed in South Miami. May God Bless this mission. I pray for a revival.

Thanks for your kind comments, everyone! We are so excited to be in Miami and appreciate your prayers.

I'm curious what the behind-the-scenes decision making process was. Specifically, how hard was it to decide to move from being a "local" (as in one media market) church to a "national" church?

To Ed Young and Fellowship Church,

You guys are awesome. As a pastor in Miami, I have to say I am very excited for the city. We need more life giving churches here. Miami has a lot of challenges...then again, that's exactly why I am so thrilled for the announcement.

God's best to you guys!

Jim, great question. It really boils down to being available and obedient to what God placed before us. We didn't put a strategy in place to become a national church and then seek out places to make that happen. We simply responded to the opportunities He presented us with. The opportunity regarding this Baptist church in Miami came to our attention through a friend in the Florida area, and we submitted a plan to help revitalize the church based on our experience with other satellite locations in the Dallas area. And then we followed God's lead as we were invited by the church to come to Miami and put our plan into effect. It is very obvious to us that God orchestrated these events and He continues to blow us away with His brilliant plans!

That's great. But you missed it God said Fort Myers area on the West Coast. HA! We are believing for that kind of church here.
God Bless

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