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Easter Banner

April 11, 2006

Easter_banner_2To build awareness for our Easter services at Fellowship Church this year, we put our facilities to work for us with a ginormous banner covering a good portion of our main building. (To give you a sense of its size, this photo was taken from the very edge of our parking lot - click for a larger image.) We are located in a high traffic area with major highways and a shopping mall right outside the entrance to our campus, so some of our best marketing opportunities occur simply from people passing by. The banner, which is 90 feet wide and 28 feet tall, features the dates and times of our services in a font that is large enough to read from across the highway. Other fun facts:

  • The font size is 3,475 point and measures 3.125 feet tall
  • The size of the photo on the banner is 25 feet wide by 28 feet tall and was a combination of 3 photos, 4 different textures, and 6 hours of photoshop reworking
  • The file was built at 1/5 scale in InDesign

We have to get a permit from our city to display signage this large, so if you're planning something similar make sure to check with the appropriate authorities in your area.


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