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C3 2006: Session 5

January 27, 2006

T.D Jakes closed the 2006 C3 Conference with an unforgettable message: 10 Commandments of Christian Leadership. When he finished, Ed joined him on stage and called it the single best talk on church leadership he had ever heard. The talk was captivating and moving from beginning to end. I don't think anyone who was there will ever forget it. Thankfully, the conference sessions will be available on DVD in a month because there's no way words could do this session or the conference justice.

1. Thou shalt make 4 E's (Education, Experience, Exposure, and Effective)
2. Thou shalt not go without your staff
3. Thou shalt not despise obscurity
4. Thou shalt reproduce after your own kind
5. Thou shalt not esteem principles over people
6. Thou shalt make ministry out of your misery
7. Thou shalt walk amongst the people
8. Thou shalt walk before the people
9. Thou shalt walk above the people
10. Thou shalt not become bitter

Watching everyone stream out of the worship center after this session was such a humbling experience for our staff. Just to imagine the incredible impact each and everyone of you is going to have when you return home. There is no greater calling, and no greater responsibility, than the calling to serve in the local church. We hope this conference has inspired you, challenged you, and refreshed you. We hope you leave with an unbelievable passion to reach the lost in your communities.

Your stories, enthusiasm, and love of Christ blow us away. We can't wait to hear what God does next in your churches!

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TD Jakes brought it! I agree with Brian and Ed, this was undoubtably the best message on leadership I have ever heard. Before the conference I was not sure about Bishop Jakes, I now have a respect and admiration of what I believe is an annointed Pastor's pastor. Thank you Fellowship for stepping out and inviting Bishop Jakes to share with us. It will forever change my outlook on leadership and ministry. "It doesn't matter where you are, it matters where you are going!" You can count on it.

Thanks Ed for hosting this incredible event that was perfectly timed in my life.

Session 5 was certainly a highlight for me. I too shared the common thought of not knowing what to expect from Bishop T.D. Jakes. I believe God gave him a message to deliver and it was executed in such a manner that drastically exceeded all expectations. After hearing his 10 commandments to church leaders, I have realized an even greater respect for church leaders and pastors. I feel sad for everyone that was not able to attend this year. I always expect great things from God... But in the case of this year’s C3, “great” is way to small of a word to describe what happened over those two days.

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